Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Babies Shower!!!

I love this time of year and so grateful to be getting some sun! I don't know what happened 9 months ago, but it seems like EVERYONE is pregnant and I love it sooo much! Last night, I got to host a babies shower for my two cute friends, Jesse Lloyd and Erica Hart. Jesse is due any day now and looks amazing and Erica is due on 11/11/11.... crazy! How do you even plan that? Lindsay Martineau and Michelle Smoot were in attendance who are also both pregnant (and Lindsay is due on 11/11/11 too). Wow, I love it. Thanks to Whitley, who always saves my life and helped me host as well as Abbey for coming! Love these girls so much!

The moms to be!
The presents.......:)
Jesse, Michelle, and cute Izzy-love that little girl!
Lindsay, Erica, Whitley, and Abbey servin' up some yummy ice cream and toppings.
Party favors (delicious white chocolate popcorn with pink and blue drizzle that Whitley made), neutral colors- I just love yellow, it's such a happy color!


Kellie Henry said...

So much fun! You look like an amazing host! Babies are a lot of fun Jenna.......LOL

Nick and Erica Hart said...

Yes you were an amazing host!! I am glad I found your blog and now I can steal some of these pics!!! p.s. Nick and I were talking about your bee and flower Halloween costumes last night! Miss ya!